“Digital” as a term often conjures up different meanings for different businesses. At Techspace we see digital as enhancing customer engagement – an opportunity to use technology to support businesses to engage with customers as and where they want to be engaged.

Techspace’s approach to digital

The focus is not on the technology, it’s how businesses can harness these emerging technologies to add value. This means businesses need to rethink not just how they deliver improved customer service, but also re-evaluate existing sales channels and partner relationships to develop new business models.

Strong leadership is the key to digital success. At Techspace we are big on knowledge sharing, and our experts have the experience you need.

We view digital as an opportunity to focus people, technology, and investment together using a pragmatic and proven framework to add value for you. We will work closely with you to identify the opportunities and threats that are most likely to be the ‘make-or-break’ differentiators for you and ensure the organisation is aligned to continuously improve.

The Techspace digital business plan

The purpose of the digital business plan is to provide a clear and defined roadmap at a practical level. We help you focus on where your business can add value to your customers, and which emerging digital technologies can contribute to this.

The DBP helps you to harness technology to:

  • deliver new or better services to customers through improved processes
  • develop new markets through identifying opportunities
  • generate new digital revenue streams through new channels

To realise value, you need all of your technology working together – integrating and using your core data flowing back into core systems in real time. “Standard” approaches routinely fail to deliver value.

The DBP identifies the areas that need to be focussed on to achieve business goals, and defines a list of intiatives that will then allow this to be realised.

Some of the Services offered as part of the DBP include:

  • Prioritised list of digital initiatives to support business goals
  • Digitising and improving workflows – Digital technologies can increase productivity and reduce cost. We are experts in managing this process and getting the best out of new technologies.
  • Moving businesses to the cloud – we work out how best to use cloud in your business and then deliver this for you.
  • Current state assessments – current landscape review
  • Future state assessments – future vision for how a company plans to harness digital technologies

To truly transform, you need a proven roadmap.

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“The process with Techspace allowed EastPack to identify the key initiatives that would allow us to take advantage of digital technology to achieve our business objectives. The Digital Business Plan has provided us a clear and defined roadmap at a practical level. In effect, how we can quickly adapt and grow with the industry changes that are forecast”.

Now we can quickly adapt and grow

Hamish Simson

EastPack Chief Executive

“The team at Techspace has enabled DLA NZ to quickly and pragmatically achieve the firms digital business objectives. A clear and concise digital roadmap has enabled key decision makers to prioritise technology choices, as well as adapting to ongoing digital processes”.

Now we have a clear and defined roadmap

Joanna Simon

Chief Operating Officer at DLA Piper

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to
help you understand how this works.

1. What are the first steps?

We need to do an initial assessment with you to work out where you are at on your digital journey, as well as your strategic imperatives. The more we understand your business, then the more successful and personalised the plan.

2. Who needs to be involved?

We deliver the Digital Business Plan through a series of stakeholder workshops to ensure buy-in at all levels. Key stakeholders and expertise required will be identified, and any gaps we can help you fill.

3. How long does a Digital Business Plan take?

This is highly dependent on the complexity of the business, as well as where you are already at, but a solid estimate is:

  • current state assessment 15-20 days
  • future state definition 10 days
  • implementation plan 15 days

4. We do not have a CIO or dedicated Digital Lead, does that matter?

We work with a varying size of organisations from Premium SME through to Corporates. While some do have a CIO, often we act in a Virtual CIO capacity through the duration of the project which means organisations can scale resource up and down as required.

5. What industry sectors do you focus on?

We have experience in industries such as Agriculture, Professional Services, Energy, Telco, Banking, Building, FMCG, Health – have a chat and see how we can help you.


Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions.

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