The playing field can be quickly levelled so regardless of the size of the competition, your business can keep up. The key is knowing the difference between technology that will add to the bottom line without a huge investment, versus those that are going to drain your financial resources. Prioritise your business goals with technology initiatives that will help you compete.


Techspace can work with you to prioritise your business goals with technology initiatives that will help you compete. We align business and technology goals using a proven framework, to focus on areas that are of the most value to you. Outputs include a prioritised roadmap and list of initiatives that will really help you know where to invest and what technologies will make the biggest impact.


What sort of initiatives can we help with?

Improving Communication

Good communication and collaboration in the office and out in the field achieved via cloud and mobile technology help with employee motivation and a stimulated and enthused work environment while keeping costs down.

Old Legacy IT Systems

These will not integrate with many of the new digital platforms that are an easy way for you to gain an advantage with your customers as they seek out ubiquitous communication tools from their preferred brands.

Data insights with analytics

In competitive, time-sensitive environments, having useful information at your fingers tips provides decision makers with the right details at the right time to make informed decisions.

Who have we helped?

dla piper logo

The Problem

  • DLA Piper wanted to maintain their position as a competitive employer that attracts top talent in the law industry.

The Outcome

  • By providing employees with a modern workplace including ubiquitous access to legal systems and services, ensuring flexible and remote working options.
“The team at Techspace has enabled DLA NZ to quickly and pragmatically achieve the firms digital business objectives. A clear and concise digital roadmap has enabled key decision makers to prioritise technology choices, as well as adapting to ongoing digital processes.”

Joanna Simon

Chief Operating Officer at DLA Piper

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