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Engaging New Zealand’s New/Grad Tech Talent

This year I learned about an awesome programme called the Summer of Tech that operates specifically to connect recent Technology graduates with internships and entry-level roles. Started in 2006, this industry-led initiative makes it easy for New Zealand employers to hire local tech students.

I didn’t know much about this programme, but had it recommended to me at just the right time when one of my daughters and her partner were both completing their technology degrees and thinking about next steps. They enrolled and participated in this very well-organised operation through which they both secured their first tech roles, which start in November. I was very impressed with the process, the wide range of participating employers and the outcome.

Programmes like Summer of Tech are also important for NZ companies that are facing an IT talent shortage. To see where this step from study to employment fits, have a look at the report here led by IT Professionals New Zealand. This report explores NZ’s resource challenges, as outlined in the diagram below. I see programmes like Summer of Tech helping with the “First Two Years” area in this diagram. I know that graduates can find it difficult to find roles, sometimes trying for many months and often not securing roles related to their studies. For me that has been anecdotal information, and I found it interesting to see the issue analysed and discussed in this report.

Source: Plan for Digital Tech Skills and Talent report

In summary, I was thrilled to get a timely recommendation for the Summer of Tech, and I want to pay that forward and help others in the same way. Please check out the Summer of Tech if you have recent graduates you would like to point in a helpful direction, or if you are a business looking to build your talent pool.

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Eem Ziedins

Eem Ziedins is a Candidate Manager at Techspace in Wellington. He uses his broad knowledge of technology, strategy, implementation and people to identify and deliver technology-centred business outcomes in his Techspace Consulting role.

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