Digital Transformation requires an organisation to employ a new generation of talent with the latest tech skills and an entrepreneurial mindset to help drive change. Let Techspace help you find the right people to ensure your IT projects are successful.

IT areas we recruit for:

  • UX/UI/CX roles
  • Project Managers / Programme Managers
  • Project Co-ordinators / Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution / Enterprise Architects
  • Developers / Testers / BI resources
  • Scrum teams/Agile coaches/Product Owners


Techspace team knows the contract market well, including the necessity to balance sourcing quality candidates with the client’s timeframe to ensure a successful best-fit outcome.

Maintaining relationships with some of the industry’s best means we can access top talent for your immediate need.

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Techspace take the risk out of finding you the best candidate for your business with our holistic end-to-end recruitment approach. From sourcing through to screening, we use accurate tools to provide you with an all-round view of our recommended candidates. Tech skills testing using IKM assessments and soft skills testing mean that the tests are customised to the specific skills that your business needs.

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Contract Managed Services

Techspace’s Managed Service offering is there to help you dial up contract project talent at a moment’s notice without the hassle of fulfilling multiple roles at ballooning costs. Our Managed Service is designed to help in situations where you might need to:

  • Add talent quickly or start an IT project where Techspace can source the right mix of talent quickly.
  • Manage headcount freezes or contractor restraints as Techspace acts as the service provider.
  • Provide cost certainty as this is agreed upfront by Techspace and the client.
  • Use Techspace as HR support to find contract talent for you.
  • Ensure accurate reporting and controls are in place as Techspace can scale your required talent up and down through one simple invoice with resourcing reports.
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Permanent Talent Solutions

Techspace offers a strategic resourcing partner solution to help manage all or a portion of your permanent technology hire recruitment function.

Our Permanent Talent solution is designed to help in situations where you might need to:

  • Obtain access to skilled talent that is critical to your business, often as a result of a digital transformation initiative.
  • Ensure this talent is then embedded into your company ongoing to improve skill base.
  • Drive efficiency across the recruitment process by balancing speed, quality and cost.
  • Ensure programme flexibility and scalability.
  • Mitigate compliance and risk.
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“It’s been a great experience working with the Techspace contractor – they were able to keep the project team focused with a positive attitude and the professionalism required to deal with project stakeholders”.

NZ Post employee

Access to 3800 high quality candidates in our database

With a focus on quality and ensuring we can match both skills and culture for candidates and clients, talk to us today.


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