Contractors love working with Techspace
why contractors love working with techspace

Why contractors love working with Techspace

It’s no secret that tech workers are in high demand right now, and most contractors are being approached by multiple recruiters each month. So which recruitment agency should you partner with to secure your next contract?

We may be biased, but we think you should be working with Techspace. We focus exclusively on tech jobs and have access to tons of exciting roles, including some exclusive contracts you won’t find advertised elsewhere.

But even more importantly, we’re driven by our values, which means we go out of our way to create positive and long-lasting working relationships with our contractors. We’ll be at your side through every step of the process and get you big results.

When partnering with us, you can expect us to stick to these core values while we help you secure your ideal job.

Smart & nimble

Smart & nimble: We think smart, we’re pragmatic, and we act quickly and effectively. This means we get back to our contractors and clients and go the extra mile to match each of our candidates to the perfect role. On top of this, our timesheet process is simple; this way our contractors are always paid on time, every time.

connect & collaborate

Connect and collaborate. We are a team who works with and for each other, building on the individual knowledge we have for a better outcome overall. Simply put, we know where the jobs are. We have established relationships with our clients, which include some of Aotearoa’s biggest and best companies. Although we’re a relatively small agency, we are agile, and we get big results!

Substance with style

Substance with style. We strive to delight our candidates through meaningful work. We have the latest tools but will always focus on content over gloss. We pride ourselves on delivering tangible results and building real human connections with our clients and contractors. We want you to experience first-hand that you’re more than just a number to us.

Work hard, have fun.

Work hard, have fun. Life is too short to have one without the other. We believe in the importance of having a work-life balance, so we’ll do what we can to make sure you find the perfect role that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Call it as we see it

Call it as we see it. We’re always open, honest, and transparent. You’ll always know what to expect throughout our recruitment and placement process because we’ll walk you through every step. We don’t believe that beating around the bush helps anyone, so you’ll always get the truth from us. We want to see you succeed, so throughout your contract we’ll stay in touch and provide you and our clients with valuable feedback.

If these values match your own, give Techspace a call. We’ll work together to find a new contract that matches your career goals. We can’t wait to hear from you!

About the author

Lesha GreyLesha Grey is a Senior Candidate Manager at Techspace. She has extensive recruitment experience, including a number of years in full 360 recruitment. She has worked across a variety of companies — from large to small — which has made her adaptable, flexible and a strong relationship builder.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn or by email.